33-121 Physics I for Science Students

33-121 Physics I for Science Students

Welcome to Physics I for Science Students!

Contact: Feel free to contact me if you’re having any problems with the course. You can also use the anonymous form here

Course Centers: Tuesday to Thursday every week between 6pm and 9pm in Doherty Hall A301D. I am there every Wednesday, and sometimes on other days. ​

Important dates: ​

1st Exam09/14, Wed8-8:40am
2st Exam09/30, Fri8-9:20am
3st Exam10/26, Wed8-9:20am
4st Exam11/21, Fri8-9:20am
Final Exam12/13, Tue1-4pm

Textbook: Matter & Interactions I 4th Ed. by Chabay and Sherwood. – Errata

Blackboard: You can access the blackboard for this course by pressing here, where you will find important announcements and course material. ​

Padlet: Padlet is an online discussion board. You can post questions, comment on other student’s questions, and even answer them. I will do my best to answer your questions on padlet in a timely manner. This padlet is moderated, so your questions/answers/comments may not appear immediately, and wrong answers that are not constructive to the discussion may not be approved. You can also use multimedia in padlet, including videos, audio, photos and documents. The purpose of the padlet is to complement the course centers and not replace them. ​

You can access padlet using this link: http://bit.ly/33121cmu The padlet is password protected. Let me know if you need the password but don’t have it. ​

Labs: I have rewritten all the computer labs for this course as interactive Jupyter notebooks. You can find them at https://github.com/hsnee/Jupyterize33121

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