Hack Hour

Hack Hour

Hack hour is a biweekly seminar series on how to write better code (be it better code practices in general, code review, a specific python library, or a specific programming technique). I co-founded it in Fall 2017 as part of AstroPGH, the astrophysics community of Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.

Visit out GitHub repository for recent hack hour talks! (or if you are in the area, here’s the schedule if you’d like to drop by!)

Stop Writing For-Loops

This is the first talk I gave at Hack Hour, it basically represents my philosophy in coding. It was titled Stop Writing For Loops. I believe that everyone should know alternative ways to writing code without for-loops, making it more optimized and more readable; which was the goal of this talk. Sometimes, for-loops are, however, the suitable thing to write (but this is much rarer than how code in astronomy is often written).

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